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Zbiórka funduszy dla Yedrolling.

Support for the Krakow Yedrolling Community

by Olga

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Dear Vajra family,

As the Krakow Community, we ask everyone for help in financing our Yedrolling center. In the restaurant located at 1/23 Koletek Street in Krakow, various types of internships such as Yantra Yoga, Czod, Ganapuja, Short Tun and Santi Maha Sangha instructor courses are regularly held.

There are about twenty of us practicing in Krakow, but despite strenuous actions, we are not able to maintain our Gompa on our own. We would not really like to lose this place, because Gompa is located in the very center of Krakow (2 minutes on foot to the Wawel Castle) and is a place with great energy. In 2015, Czogyal Namkhai Norbu gave the name to Krakow’s Ling: Yedrolling, which means Ling of Original Freedom. In our Gompa we have Geko, who looks after the place and contributes to the rent, we rent our space for Tibetan language lessons, Hellinger Settings. We also organize small campaigns, such as book auctions, to raise funds needed for the functioning of the center.

Every month we pay a rent of PLN 1,150. Bills are expenses ranging from PLN 400 (summer) to PLN 800 (winter). Every month Geko adds PLN 600. We are able to collect about 400 zlotys per month from gompa rental, small sales and collection on site. Therefore, we lack an amount of PLN 500-600 per month. If during this collection we managed to get some excess money, we would like to spend it on minor repair works, such as renovation of the Geko room or the kitchen.

Therefore, we invite everyone willing to support Yedrolling and to visit Krakow. Best regards!
Gakyil Yedrolling

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Anonymous 200,00  June 10, 2018
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Anonymous 100,00  May 16, 2018
Anonymous 500,00  May 16, 2018